Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Dear Sasikumar Sir,
Thank you so much for your speedy reply and kind advice.
This is the first time I am meeting a trainer who has got a variety of interests and a variety of genuine skills.Your session was
really a life skill trainining.The afternoon interaction really challenged our limits.Your life is an
example for youngsters that being born in a small village is no limitation in fulfilling one's own dreams.Your session
made me realise to be more calm and humble in life.It also made me realise the need for spontaneous response.I also
realised that I need improvement in knowledge and communication skills.

I wish I had a teacher like you in my early years.Sir,you taught us that we can achieve anything if we have genuine interest and focus.
Everybody was happy and thrilled after your session.Everybody had a feeling that they really got something worthwhile.
My wife is a Maths teacher who teaches Maths to Engineering students.I suggested her to be more creative and genuine in
teaching instead of just being interesred only in salary aspects.
Now I am training my daughter what I have learned from you.
I watched the photographs our session.
I will deposit the amount in the bank in a day or two and will communicate the details.
With Love and Rgards,

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